Eugene, Oregon

The times I’ve experienced in Eugene have been some of the best of my life. It’s like a less stressful, less populated Portland.

They have an amazing farmers market! I got offered pot brownies there once.

My friends who live there have relayed some stories to me that I think are representative of the city’s offbeat charm.

  1. My friend was riding the bus into downtown Eugene when  man at one of the stops, who apparently just wanted to get on, was standing in front of the bus, preventing it from leaving the bus stop. He got out of the way when the driver started calling the cops on him. But then, and I don’t know how, maybe he had super speed, he ran to the next stop. He apologized and tried to get on again but the other passengers wouldn’t let him.
  2. A different friend was walking down a street in Eugene (The Dirty Eug, as it is sometimes nicknamed) and she saw a car on fire in a parking lot. No one was around. Just a car burning, doing its own thing.

Something else that is interesting about Eugene is how it almost can be described as having a city within a city because the University of Oregon, which is in Eugene, is comparable to its own little town. The amount of students that the University has is higher than the population of Newberg – my hometown.

I’m only limited to my own perception and experiences regarding where I go, so Eugene may not be the place for you. I also acknowledge though the the primary reason for my good times here have been my friends with whom i spend time with while I’m there.

So get your friends and go to Eugene, or anyplace else, and have a grand ole time.